I use blood chemistry

& DNA to help

women over 35

drop stubborn weight

lose the fatigue


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What can you expect from working with Tanya?

Tanya steps in when your doctor can't help you.

You've been to your doctor because the scale is creeping up, you're fatigued daily, you can't sleep at night, your hair is falling out and your sex drive left without notice. But your doctors appointment leaves you deflated because they told you your labs are "normal." Nothing is wrong and if you want to lose weight you should eat less and exercise more.

Tanya gets to the bottom of it. She'll order labs and spend time interpreting them to get to the root cause of your symptoms. You have finally found the attention you have been looking for. You are about to lose weight and get your energy back!

Faith & Fitness

Tanya's faith is a huge part of her life and she can often be found praying for her clients as she knows our strength comes from God.


Tanya will encourage you to get outside, to power down your phone, to breathe deep, to notice the beauty around you and take account of what you are grateful for.


We are all bio-individuals, therefore personalization is incredibly important in any program. This is why blood chemistry and DNA are involved in all of Tanya's interpretations in order to design your personal blueprint to the results you're looking for.

My Gift to You


Signs you may need to balance your hormones

  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Night sweats
  • Sugar cravings
FREE How to Eat for Hormone Health Guide

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J. Harrison

"I had a rough ending to last year and this has given me a new focus and purpose. I'm down 14 lbs and am finding balance again, even in my spiritual life. Thank you, Tanya!"

S. Lopez

"I've tried losing weight for years and can never get under 190. After 3 weeks in Tanya's program I am down14 lbs weighing 179 lbs! I have more energy than I've had in years!"

T. Bonilla

"By the second week of working together I had much more energy. I started waking up before my alarm and I've made it back to the gym every morning. Oh, and I've lost 10 lbs!"

A bit about me!


Hi, I'm Tanya, and I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, specializing in helping women lose stubborn weight by balancing hormones with DNA and lab testing.


I step in when your doctor can't help you.


I'm a Jesus junkie, married to my best friend and we absolutely love our 4 bullmastiffs.


More About Me

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S. Adams

"Before this program, I didn't sleep well and would consistently wake up with body aches. Now I sleep through the night and no more aches!"

M. Padilla

"Thank you! I really enjoyed your program! I've lost 10 lbs and feel so much healthier...no more night sweats!"

A. Birman

"Working with you has been life-changing. Working full-time AND having 4 kids, having the energy to function has been saved me."

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