This page contains some of my favorite items! These are all high-quality trusted brands I personally use.

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

Bone broth is something I personally use as well as utilize in many client protocols as it has many healing properties. We incorporate it when we are looking to heal the gut, support joints, reduce inflammation, support the immune system and a side benefit is more healthy hair, skin & nails. But bone broth is not all created equal and sourcing of the bones is incredibly important, so most store bought conventional brands will not do. I love and trust this brand and when you purchase below, you'll save 20% on your order!


Vibrant Blue Oils

Vibrant Blue Oils is my preferred essential oil line. They are 100% pure, organic and/or wild crafted, natural and of the highest quality. Essential oils are a part of my daily routine and are a fantastic adjunct to any protocol. Some of my favorites are Circadian Rhythm (for sleep), Parasympathetic (before I eat), Hypothalamus (for hormone balance) and Uplift for the days I'm needing a little mood lift. They even have a free assessment quiz that you can take to learn which oils will best serve you.


Purity Organic Coffee

Want to feel god about the coffee you are consuming? Brew yourself a cup of Purity Organic Coffee. Seriously, this company has a unique roasting protocol that retains maximum antioxidants in the coffee beans while completely avoiding cancer causing compounds which are a result of over-roasting the beans. If you're a coffee drinker, it is essential to drink organic coffee in order to reduce the risk of harmful chemical ingestion. And you can save 20%!


Keto Mojo

The Keto Mojo is a great option for any of my data nerds starting keto. You can track both your blood glucose levels as well as your blood ketones to make sure you are in ketosis. When getting started on keto, you may test more often in the beginning. The more of a keto veteran you become, the less you test. But it's nice to have this unit at you fingertips when you're ready for a right after returning from vacation is a great time to test yourself. You can save 15% here!



Ok, if you're a coffee drinker, stop everything and order yourself some Ketobrainz right now! The nootropics they have put together in this blend are the perfect addition to your morning cup of joe. L-theanine keeps you alert while also relaxing the mind (bye bye anxiety), Lion's Mane has been shown to improve brain health, Alpha GPC plays a huge role in memory and C8 MCT offers a quick and stable source of energy. This is your creamer and nootropics all wrapped up in one! And you can save on your purchase with this link.  


Dry Farm Wines

Yes! Can you believe I'm recommending wine?! Well this wine is organically grown on family farms, sugar free and doesn't contain additives. Pure natural wine is very rare. It's estimated that less than 0.1% of the world's wines meet the same strict criteria as Dry Farm Wines. You know how we talk about the antioxidants wine has? Well, this wine actually has them. And when you purchase here, you are going to get an extra bottle for $0.01!


Keep checking back as I'll continue to add more of my faves to this page!