Hello, I'm Tanya Pennington-Miller.


Here I am doing the monkey bars in my 30-mile Ultra Beast Spartan Race with 70 obstacles throughout. That's me in a nutshell, always pushing my God-given body to the limit.  Oh, and I took 2nd place in my age division in this race.


I am 42 years old and have no plans to slow down anytime soon, I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, specializing in helping women over 35 balance their hormones so they can lose stubborn weight. Can you relate?


I'm here to help you live the life you desire to live, feeling the BEST you possibly can.

Yep, I used to compete in figure competitions too

Competing in figure became my passion right out of high school. I competed at the national level and loved the dedication required to compete in this sport. One of my greatest accomplishments was placing 1st and Overall at the SF Championships in 2004.

When I hung up my figure suit in 2012 to start competing in CrossFit, I began coaching a team of  figure and bikini athletes. I loved the industry and the sport, but no longer wanted to live with the restriction required to be in that sport myself.

Due to this lifestyle, I was later diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion which stemmed from over-training, lack of sleep and under-eating. 

My stance today is that it is that competing in a show is a great bucket list thing to do, to show yourself you can do the hard things. However, as a lifestyle, it can really take a toll on your metabolism and adrenals.

My Story


While I have always been active, from being a competitive cheerleader throughout HS and college, to competing in figure competitions nationally, CrossFit competitions across the states, running half marathons and countless Spartan Races, staying fit has always been a challenge for me.


Yep, believe me when I tell you that family genetics are stacked against me. I used to see this as a negative and always envied my friends who could seemingly eat whatever they wanted and stayed thin.


But as my career began in the health and fitness industry over 20 years ago, I quickly realized my struggle was going to be able to bless so many others.


Believe me when I tell you I wholeheartedly understand that it goes far beyond eating less and moving more to attain our health and fitness goals. I see you and I am here to help you accomplish the goals you shelved years ago when your doctor told you you're just getting older and you need to get used to your aging body.


This man right here deserves his very own section. I waited to 32 years of my life to meet and marry my very best friend. He is the kind of man who gives other women hope that the good ones are still out there.


To say he is supportive is an understatement. He grounds me while lifting me, making everything I want to do, possible.


He is my cycling, mountain bike riding, Spartan racing, traveling, everything outdoors, buddy and hubby all wrapped in one.


Together, we owned Total Nutrition Visalia, a brick & mortar supplement and nutrition store, which we had for 10 years and sold in 2022.

While we weren't blessed with children, we do have 4 bullmastiffs whom we love very much.


Beef, Bonita, Bailey and Bodie keep us very busy. If you aren't familiar with the bullmastiff breed, let me tell you, they are an incredibly special breed. Our 2 males are 135-150 lbs and our 2 females are 110-125 lbs.


They are gentle yet powerful, docile yet confident and truly the best protectors who are always looking out for us.

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